In the full Trust in Its philosophy of Development at the Base, PYRAMID of YEυEH is organizing again a Fund Raising and a Collect of Engines to support a Small Agro-Production Unit (SAPU) headed by the High Priestess Mama KPONU at Togoville (TOGO). This action aims:

  • the renewing of the equipments such as mills, sieves, pumps, barrels, etc. ;
  • the acquisition of a vehicle to solve the problem of transporting the raw material and the end-products;
  • the extension of the plantations;
  • medical facilities.

Any Person, Personality, Company, Organization or Institution from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland willing to donate engines for agriculture and food processing should contact:

Mr. Kɔmɖedzi Kofi FOLIKPO
Hardstrasse 78
CH-5432 Neuenhof
Phone: ++41/(0)76 333 02 94
Fax: ++41/(0)53 406 10 33